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Partner with the YW!

Our Girls Initiatives signature leadership programs Amplifying Multiple Perspectives and Step in and Stop it! Bystander Intervention Training include internship opportunities for our young people. With YOUR help, our girls will receive the practice they need to thrive in their chosen fields!

Applications are available in December. Please revisit our website or contact Vanne-Paige Padgett, Senior Director of Girls Initiatives at [email protected].

Internships take place in the spring. 

Meet Our AMP Leaders: Social Change Agent Internship (SCA)

Our AMP leadership program concludes with a one-month internship program at a local nonprofit organization (YOU!). Connect with our powerful Social Change Agents (SCA) and equip them with the practical experience, career readiness, and specialized skills vital to their future academic and employment pursuits! Our SCA internship provides the opportunity for AMP Leadership participants to activate their leadership ability by interning at community organizations to learn about, and participate in, social justice within the professional realm.

Trainings take place in the spring. 

Meet Our Step In & Stop It Facilitators: Schedule a Bystander Intervention Training!

Our Bystander Intervention program concludes with a workshop opportunity; our participants will run their own training session at a partner site! This free training helps teach participants of all ages how to intervene and take responsibility in situations that involve violence or harmful behaviors. Our youth-led Bystander Intervention training empowers participants to:

– Develop an awareness of bias-motivated violence against female-identified and gender non-conforming individuals, and communities of color

– Identify effective skills and strategies to de-escalate conflict and support targeted persons