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JawnAnthony Bramble
OST Director

OUT-OF-SCHOOL TIME (OST) nurtures the social development and academic success of youth, providing them with a safe and enriching environment outside of school and home. This free after-school program serves elementary and middle school students in 6 program sites across Central Harlem, Carroll Gardens, Coney Island and Brownsville, Brooklyn.

OST students participate in age-appropriate conflict resolution sessions through our Adventures in Peace Keeping program, learn about environmental science and grow produce through the Gardening Project, and reflect on self-empowerment and racial justice through Everyday Heroes. These programs reflect OST’s intention of serving the whole child and, in turn, meeting the needs of the community.

“We consider ourselves the nucleus of the community,” says OST Director JawnAnthony Bramble. “We take on a holistic point of view, asking ourselves ‘How are we serving the student and how are we serving the family?’”

JawnAnthony joined YWCA NYC in 2021, serving as a site program director and becoming OST Director later that year. He knows what it’s like to find a second home in Out-of-School programs. A self-described after-school kid from West Harlem, JawnAnthony joined the YWCA NYC with a passion for youth development and a love of coaching and developing staff.

“If there’s anything I wish people would know about us it’s that we go above and beyond. We’re not just a tutoring program. We ask what the students and community need, and we develop the resources to meet that gap,” says JawnAnthony.

And the gap has grown larger following the COVID-19 pandemic. Test scores are down and there’s increased social disconnect among youth. “We want to bridge that gap,” says JawnAnthony. OST is committed to resourcing students and families, hiring specialists within OST programs to address academic and social needs, and connecting families to social services, community forums, and other city resources.

“I understand the support the kids need. I remember being that kid,” says JawnAnthony. “This is what’s possible through OST: equity. Through OST, we shine the light on inequity and offer space for the community to advocate for themselves.”