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This Spring, we are offering a groundbreaking new program called Voices Alive! Theatre for Expression and Social Change. This theatre arts and performance class will be held once a week on Thursdays at 4 PM, beginning April 13th.

Workshops and talks will be conducted by guest speakers, as students explore the work of community-based artists and educators who address social change by transforming and creating new theatre techniques. Students will choose which track they want to focus on (performance, directing, stage management, costume design, set design, makeup and hair design, dramaturgy, etc.) These tracks will then enable the students to create their own portfolios throughout the semester. 

The program culminates with the presentation of a showcase written, produced, and performed by the students. 

Workshops Include… Theatre and Advocacy, Acting 101, Women in the Arts, On Broadway, and much more!


April 13, 2023: Introductions

April 20, 2023: Theatre and Advocacy

April 27, 2023: Performance Workshop

May 4, 2023: Disability in Theatre

May 11, 2023: Artist Workshop

May 18, 2023: Artist Workshop

May 25, 2023: Dramaturgy

June 1, 2023: Artist Workshop

June 3, 2023: Broadway Field-Trip! 

June 8, 2023: Broadway Debrief 

June 15, 2023: Rehearsal 101

June 22, 2023: Dress Rehearsals 

June 24, 2023: Final Showcase!

Questions? Email [email protected] for more details. 

In-person sessions are held at our Family Resource Center located at 500 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019.