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The Academy of Women Leaders is a network of successful women selected by their firms and recognized by the YWCA of the City of New York (YWCA NYC) for their leadership, achievements in their fields and contributions to the success of other women.  Upon nomination, inductees meet with YWCA NYC leadership to get acquainted, learn about the Academy and upcoming events, and about opportunities to get involved with the YW and give back to the girls, women and the young people of NYC.

For more information about the YWCA NYC Academy of Women Leaders, contact the Development team at development@ywcanyc.org.

Academy of Women Leaders Annual SALUTE Luncheon

YWCA NYC Academy members are inaugurated at the YW’s annual SALUTE! Luncheon. Since 1971, the Salute Luncheon has been one of the nation’s first, largest, most visible and important tributes to professional women leaders. Family, friends and colleagues are invited to celebrate this achievement.  At the lunch, inductees become part of the AWL’s distinguished network of 3,000 AWL honorees, as well as worldwide network of over 25 million women, committed to the YW’s mission to empower women and eliminate racism.

Academy of Women Leaders (AWL) Committee

Inductees are also asked to join the YWCA NYC Academy Committee. Inspired by our mission, Academy members share their talents and resources in support of the YWCA NYC’s youth development and girl empowerment programs, and foster diversity and the advancement of women in their workplace and communities.  Together, Academy members are making a significant positive impact on others’ lives while enriching their own and enhancing their careers.

Janice Huff stands at the podium at our 46th Annual Luncheon.


The YWCA NYC and the AWL offers stimulating networking events for AWL members, created exclusively for the members of the YWCA NYC Academy. Previous events have included diversity and inclusion, women’s health, and leadership recognition. These networking events empower and educate women, and support the skills necessary for the advancement and acknowledgement of women in the workplace.

The AWL also offers its members volunteer opportunities.  Members contribute both financially and creatively as participants of YWCA NYC committees and advisory councils, helping us make a difference in the lives of women, girls and their communities.